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Watch the Video Footage of the World-Record Mako Shark Taken by Bow

This giant, 809-pound, world-record mako shark almost doesn't look real!The host of Predator Pursuit hit the open water off the coast of Florida in search of a giant.Jeff had been attempting to find a shark of this size for four years.He finally did it and got it all on film.A good shot helped reel in…

Live Bait Fishing: From the Conventional to the Non-Conventional

When it comes to live bait, you have a lot of options!These days some freshwater fish anglers scoff at the idea of live bait fishing. At some point we got it into our heads that to be a true angler, you must fool fish with artificial lures.But sometimes natural bait is the best. And often, they'll…

Seize the Moment When Deer Hunting

Hesitation ruins everything. That applies a lot of things in life — from relationships to job opportunities and everything else in between. It also applies to deer hunting. How many times have you been deer hunting and a shot opportunity presented itself, yet for one reason or another you botched the opportunity by not acting…

5 Ways to Use Your Tree Climbing Stand in the Offseason

Do you use a tree climbing stand to hunt deer? Here's how you keep the dust off of it in the summer.During the summer doldrums, or what you and I might refer to as the "black hole" before deer hunting begins again, we all have the tendency to bump into our favorite hunting gear down…

The FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS223 Transforms Night Hunting

The FLIR ThermoSight PTS223 Thermal Rifle Scope is a necessity when it comes to hog hunting. What are the most effective tactics to battle feral hog infestations? Ranchers have tried virtually everything to combat the invasive pests, but only to see populations continue to grow.Thermal imagery, though still a relatively new concept, could be the answer…
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