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Coyote Hunting Calls You Ought to Keep in Memory

You'll want to keep these things in mind when predator calling.If you're looking to get into hunting coyotes one of the most important things you need to learn is coyote calls. There are different ways to do this while predator hunting from remote control, high-quality electronic calls to mouth calls.We'll look at a little of…

Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Population Sees 60-Percent Increase

A mild 2018-19 winter resulted in a surprising boost for blue crabs, according to a survey.The 2019 Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey caught wildlife officials somewhat off guard, as the Chesapeake Bay's population somehow increased a whopping 60 percent in just a year.Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced that male, female and juvenile populations all saw…

Total Archery Challenge Wrapped Up

It’s been a busy weekend for archers and bowhunters in Belvidere, Tennessee at the Total Archery Challenge. We had the chance to meet and greet bowhunters from across the country as they came by the booth to sign up to win some BHOD swag and swap stories about hunts gone by. It’s always fun…

You Won't Believe How This Guy's Color Phase Bear Slam Quest Ends

YouTube/BowhuntingRoad Bernie Barringer spent eight years completing a color phase bear slam with a bow. Black bears exhibit four different color phases across their range in North America: black, chocolate, cinnamon, and blonde. Well, Bernie Barringer not only wanted to complete a color phase bear slam, but he also wanted to do it all with a…

This Wolf Howling on Trail Cam Will Leave You Shivering

YouTube: Chris Borger A black wolf howling gives some of the most hair-raising trail cam footage you'll ever see. We've probably all seen wolves howling in the movies or on nature documentaries. It's always a cool sight, but seeing a wolf stopping to howl on a trail cam just ratchets up the awesome meter a bit.A…
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