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Watch This Shooter Nail a 4,549-Yard Shot in Texas

YouTube/Hill Country Rifles You really need to see this guy connect on a 4,549-yard shot on video to believe it. It's truly incredible and an impressive display of marksmanship.After previously hitting targets at 3,600 yards, 3,800 yards, and 4,210 yards over the past couple of years, shooter Jim Spinella broke his on personal record with…

.308 vs .30-06: What's Better, and for What Uses?

YouTube/Who_Tee_Who .308 vs .30-06 Is there really a difference?In the long, storied history of American firearms, no two rifle cartridges are endlessly debated as much as the .308 and .30-06. Both rounds have origins with the U.S. Army, and both have seen action in conflicts all over the world.Both have subsequently become incredibly popular hunting…

Which Are the Top States to Bowhunt for Deer?

YouTube/Bowmar Bowhunting Here are some of the best states to bowhunt for deer.We know deer hunting season can seem like it's an eternity away. Right now, you might just be thinking about hanging trail cameras to monitor the growing big bucks, working on your shot placement with your compound bow, or planning your stand sites.But…

Total Archery Challenge in Tennessee – Day 1

We’re wrapping up Day 1 at the 2019 Total Archery Challenge in Belvidere, TN. The weather was perfect with sunny skies, warm temperatures and a nice breeze welcomed shooters from across the country. Shooters from Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and all across Tennessee stopped by the booth to…

The Only Venison Jerky Recipe You'll Ever Need

Don't get cute with your venison jerky recipes; stick with something proven like this one.Most hunters love to eat the meat they have themselves hunted, and there's no doubt that deer jerky appears near the top of the list of their favorites.While the cuisine craze that has taken over the world of online recipes continues to influence…
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