Durable and Reliable Camo Clothing for Hunting in the South

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You’ve spent enough time afield to know nothing causes a hunt to sour more quickly than ill-fitting gear that doesn’t live up to its hangtag. After all, how can you be at the top of your game when your camo keeps distracting you with hang-ups, tears, and constant moisture retention?

Short answer? There’s just no way.

For hardcore southern hunters who demand nothing short of the absolute best from their outdoor apparel, BGO Gear has the perfect solution: BullGator camouflage. Inspired by nature and built to take a beating by those who spend the most time out in it, this camo lives up to every claim its packaging makes:

  • Extreme durability: BullGator camouflage boasts a strong micro-weave polyester/lycra construction, resulting in a lineup that’s rugged enough to resist tearing and incredibly difficult to wear down. Each piece stands up to years of hard use in the swamps, bottomlands and mixed forests this part of the country is known for and gladly accepts any other outdoor challenge thrown its way without backing down.
  • Burr resistant: The serious durability doesn’t stop there. The tight micro-weave construction of BullGator camo is also pill-resistant and sheds burrs and other stick-tights with ease, allowing hunters to slip soundlessly through the south’s gnarly tickets and oak forests without getting snagged, stuck or (worst of all) covered in irritable bits of vegetation.
  • Weather resistant: And when those unexpected mid-hunt cloudbursts hit, rest easy. All BGO Gear’s camouflage apparel repels moisture to ensure you’re able to weather those showers without missing a beat – or, more importantly, a shooting opportunity.
  • Moisture wicking: Rugged, all-weather ready and resistant to just about every nasty vegetative resident found in the swamplands, you’d think BullGator camouflage apparel couldn’t get any better, right? Think again. BGO Gear knows it’s not only hot down south, it’s humid as all get out to boot. That’s why they made BullGator camo to be lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking so you don’t have to worry about shedding layers in the heat of the moment, meaning your focus will remain where it should – on getting within range to place the perfect shot.
  • Inspired by nature: That’s right, BullGator camouflage was developed by outdoorsmen and women who not only hunt the same unforgiving southern ecosystems as their consumers but who also take their gear just as seriously. That’s why the pattern takes its inspiration from the very environments being hunted and top predators that call them home.

What exactly are we talking about? Two things we have plenty of here in the south: trees and gators. Both have textured, patterned, nearly paint-by-number skins that erase their silhouettes and allow them to melt into their surroundings, whether on land or in the water.

This season, don’t let the terrain dictate the outcome of those hunts you’ve worked so hard to prepare for. With your trail cams hung and scouting underway, be sure to spend some time updating your hunting wardrobe too. Get outfitted in BullGator camo – designed with serious hunters in mind.

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