Meyerco and it’s designers introduced the first assisted opening folding knife and today is still primarily a knife company. However, over the years they have developed other lines of products including camouflaged bags and backpacks for the serious hunter. Today they are the only producer of bags and backpacks in BGO Camo.

CKK Industries, Inc.

CKK Industries, Inc. designs, develops and offers high-quality gun holster and knife sheath making equipment, tools and related hobby supplies. They not only manufacture Kydex but have a unique proprietary process whereby different patterns can be infused into the material during manufacture. Included in their portfolio of patterns is BGO Camo.

Swanson Media Group

Swanson Media Group supplies Firearm and Gear review articles to the shooting and hunting industry. They have publications in multiple media outlets including Raider Magazine, PMCI Magazine, TheGearLocker.net, PracTacSys.com, Webyshops.com, 1800GunsAndAmmo.com and 1800Gear.com . Swanson Media Group is sponsored by BGO Camo.

The Turkeyologists

The Turkeyologists are a small group of seasoned Turkey hunters dedicated to filming real turkey hunting across the US. They use those films to promote turkey hunting and conservation and to educate others in the art of turkey hunting. The Turkeyologists are sponsored by BGO Camo.

Veteran predator Hunters

Veteran predator Hunters is a group of military vets using predator hunting to help other vets with what they call “Trigger Time Therapy”. They are dedicated predator hunters and honestly believe there is nothing more thrilling, or rewarding than calling in a big coyote, bobcat, fox, badger or mountain lion. Veteran Predator Hunters is sponsored by BGO Camo.


TWN is the industry leader in hydrographics or water transfer printing and has built a reputation based on unwavering commitment to excellence. TWN can provide you with film, equipment, supplies, and training required to decorate almost anything you want with water transfer printing films. They work with small and large businesses alike, from hobbyist to major manufacturers and have a worldwide network of “TWN Certified” decorators ready to decorate products for consumers and manufacturers. TWN now carries hydrographic film in BGO Camo.

Survivor Creek Tactical

Custom Kydex sheath and holster maker John Phillips, is dedicated to producing quality Kydex sheaths for almost anything you can think of. Survivor Creek Tactical offers all products in BGO Camo.

Triple F Outdoors

Triple F Outdoors is a small group of dedicated outdoors folks using social media to help like minded folks to share their experiences and tips with others and give them a place to share their “trophies” with excitement and pride.

Pistol Creek

Pistol Creek started out as cabinetry business with employees that have the love of hunting. With a extensive knowledge in hunting as well as custom wood craft, a turkey call was created for personal use. The Genesis call was created and it was a product that had to be shared. We strive to push ourselves to always be looking for ways to expand or improve on the calls we currently offer.

Pistol Creek does not provide your average turkey call. With a great sound and aesthetic look, Pistol Creek is the call you’ll look forward to using.

0241 Tactical

Our mission at 0241 Tactical is to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.

High Ridge Outdoors

We at High Ridge Outdoors are a avid outdoors avocation brand located in southern West Virginia. We are dedicated to showing the wonders of the great outdoors, & inspiring others to follow our tracks as we venture through exploring God’s creation.

We believe that hunting can knock down social barriers!

Xtreme Southern Outdoor Junkies

Xtreme Southern Outdoor Junkies was created by Kyle Rubenstein in the spring of 2017 for the sole purpose of sharing a passion for the outdoors. After a short time passed, a family of Outdoorsmen was put together to share their outdoor experiences. It is our intention to pass down this heritage to our younger generation to keep the outdoor traditions we have enjoyed alive in our next generations.

Our motto is we are all Outdoorsman in this together.